REST EASY… When we meet we’ll discuss your personal goals as well as any areas of challenge you want to work on. Once we’re clear on your needs, total flexibility is built in to the process. Readings can focus on a single chart or map as described below or draw information and solution-based insights from several in a single session. The descriptions that follow highlight the range of tools available but note, you’re never ’locked in’ to a specific chart or map when you book a session!


ASTROCARTOGRAPHY NATAL (BIRTH) MAP w/ INTERPRETATION Projects your birth information onto a world map to reveal your ideal locations for love, wealth, health, career success, public recognition, fun, improved physical stamina, adventure, marketing, investing, conflict resolution, spiritual illumination, inner peace and more. It also illuminates the astrological influences that get activated in our lives from around the world no matter where we are, when we spend significant time with someone born there. Private sessions explore places that are significant in defining your life journey: your birth place, your present residence, any locations of importance in your past or locations that you feel intuitively drawn to. We then look for the most supportive planetary locations for pursuing your individual goals as well as explore ways of working with less than ideal planetary influences so they, too, can begin to serve your personal empowerment, health and happiness.

PROGRESSED ASTROCARTOGRAPHY MAP w/ INTERPRETATION Reveals the astrocartography influences described above, currently passing over (transiting) locations worldwide shaping who you are, how you navigate the world and what you attract in your life today and for the next year. Can also be calculated for any past or future date you wish to explore from a stellar perspective. Recommended annually to stay abreast of astrocartographic influences as they pass over your birth place and current location to impact your life with change and growth. PREREQUISITE: Astrocartography Natal Map session.

NATAL (BIRTH) CHART w/ INTERPRETATION Your life’s owner’s manual. Explores stellar influences at the time of birth that continually shape who you are, how you navigate the world and what you attract. The traditional Birth Natal Chart provides a clear, panoramic view of your whole life. Recommended (though not required) as a first step for the astrological novice. Provides an excellent foundation for navigating more complex astrological tools.

RELOCATED NATAL CHART w/ INTERPRETATION Reveals where and how the influences in all 12 houses of your natal and/or progressed charts effecting all arenas of your life, shift when you relocate or travel away from your birth place to a single new location. A detailed astrological analysis of the themes that are likely to be activated in a specific location (city, town or county) in the world.

PROGRESSED NATAL CHART w/ INTERPRETATION Reveals current celestial influences which, in addition to those programed at birth, have a strong impact on shaping who you are, how you navigate the world and what you attract in your life today and for the next year. Can also be calculated for any past or future date you wish to explore from a stellar perspective. Recommended annually to stay abreast of astrological influences are they impact your life with change and growth.

Please note..If you’re not sure which of the above would serve you best, no worries. Sessions focus on a single map or chart as you desire but often times we consult multiple charts and maps depending on your individual needs or wants. We’ll explore all available resources to achieve your personal goals!


TIME TRAVELER ASTROCARTOGRAPHY - NATAL (BIRTH) & PROGRESSED MAPS w/ INTERPRETATION A fully comprehensive exploration of the permanent as well as currently transiting astrocartography influences effecting you all around the world.

COUPLE ASTROCARTOGRAPHY - NATAL & PROGRESSED MAPS FOR TWO w/ INTERPRETATION & COMPATIBILITY ANALYSIS A fully comprehensive exploration of permanent as well as currently transiting astrocartography influences effecting each of you individually around the world followed by an in-depth analysis of locations that would be most mutually beneficial.

In this intensive session we closely consult all the above charts and maps as well as your current transits. We’ll review where your journey has taken you and how you can be effective in letting go of past limitations. You’ll then be given practical techniques, based on your unique strengths and elemental nature, to support you in realizing your greatest visions and heart’s desires for the future. Using all our astrological tools along with the proven body, mind, spirit healing traditions of India, China and modern science, you’ll receive dedicated guidance in embarking on a path of total inner alchemy in which your internal world begins to shape your external experience, instead of the other way around.

ASTROCARTOGRAPHY FOLLOW UP Life moves forward, new possibilities continually unfold! To meet that need, established clients are welcome to email me at whenever you want to check the astrocartography of new locations of interest. You’ll receive a voice recorded response with analysis of those places on your map. Fee is $2.50 a minute.

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