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THE THREE TREASURES at Maha Rose in Brooklyn

When we walk in harmony between Heaven and Earth, we harvest the Three Treasures: loving relationships, prosperity and long life. 

In this rich, day long experience with astrologer, astrocartography expert and healing QIgong instructor Elizabeth Smith, we'll nourish body, mind and spirit as we reclaim our ancient heritage and transfuse our city lives with sacred mystery and wonder. Expect to return to your life feeling truly alive, in touch and in tune with Holy Mother Universe, armed with the knowledge as well as many easy but highly effective practices to maintain that connection for Life.


Sacred Human - Eight Treasures Elixir Light Qigong
Our day begins with gentle chi energy cultivation exercise. Practiced in China for over 5000 years, Qigong movements increase vital life force and strengthen the body's natural healing abilities. This simple routine of standing stretches has long been known to increase wisdom, improve judgement, strengthen the ability to give and receive love, fortify courage and encourage the ability to act.

Sacred Earth - Honoring the Natural World
When we live in harmony with the natural world, effortless happiness spontaneously arises and our health thrives. Through discussion and experiential exercises, we'll explore:

  • How spirit uses weather to teach and communicate
  • How Spirit uses weather to teach and communicate
  • Fortifying vital life force by communing with plants and trees
  • How spirit uses weather to teach and communicate
  • The living mineral kingdom of sacred rocks, gemstones and land formations
  • Raising your spiritual energy with alters and shrines
  • Optimal living and working conditions for encouraging Chi circulation in your body and finances
  • How nature speaks through signs and synchronicity
  • The role of beauty in health and well being
  • Animals as teachers and messengers  
  • Self health maintenance through Qigong scanning exercises
  • Cleansing and clearing to attract higher frequencies at home and at work

 Sacred Sky - Celestial Meditations

As our afternoon wanes and the magical stillness of dusk approaches, we'll explore how our neighboring celestial bodies directly interact with our physical, mental and subtle spiritual energy to create health, awaken happiness and fulfill our human potential. Learn the unique ways that planets and star systems in our solar system interface with each other to directly shape our life experiences in personal and collective ways. Discover ancient methods for revitalizing the body, calming the mind, enlivening and protecting the spirit, by aligning ourselves with the generous presence of the healing celestial spheres.

Please bring a small, beloved object or two from nature to adorn our sacred learning circle.