Location is the Key to Everything.

When we’re born, the planets of our solar system energetically ‘program’ our endocrine glands to create a personality in the body. What is less well known is that they also ‘install’ that same information into the mind of the Earth wherever the rays of each planet were striking its surface at any given geographic location as the newborn took its first breath.

Whenever you change your location on the planet, you significantly impact how your life will unfold in response to these great variations in planetary energies that imprint each area in accordance with your unique birth time and place.

Now, with the arrival of the Aquarian Age and its emphasis on technology, mobility and individual freedom, we’ve been given a guide to decipher that information and consciously reprogram the way the original birth data manifests in our lives by changing locations. Using it skillfully can solve mysteries and resolve problems you never knew you had a choice about.

Welcome to the modern tool for cultivating personal agency and creating your best life.

What is Astrocartography?

Just as astrology projects your birth information onto a round map of the sky revealing the celestial picture at the moment of birth, AstroCartography projects your birth information onto a global map of the Earth to reveal where on the planet those individual influences are likely to manifest most strongly.

The map creates a window of foresight into your most and least likely locations for love, wealth, health and so much more.

This uniquely empowering and uncannily accurate life tool also illuminates the astrological influences that get activated in our lives from around the world no matter where we currently are, when we spend significant time with someone born in another location, interact with objects or events that originate there or interact remotely with a person or activity currently located there.

Using this amazing new resource, you can begin to assess and predict what the areas of ease and difficulty will be wherever you go. You become empowered to manage your current experiences and relationships more effectively as well as find the best, and avoid the worst, places to relocate, travel, invest, heal, market goods or services, gain visibility in the public eye, and thrive emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Simply stated, you can now consciously participate in directing your astrological destiny.

What is Contemporary Astrology?

It’s not newspaper horoscopes or cheesy fortune tellers predicting the future. True astrology is a startlingly accurate data base inherited from cultures around the world that describes how nature thinks. Just as astro-nomy refers to the naming of the celestial bodies, astro-logy refers to their logic, the way in which they intelligently operate. 


My Approach

My approach provides a large, possibility-filled vision for your life along with practical tools to balance and reframe challenges to your advantage. Discovering how you can utilize the momentum of celestial influences results in feeling uplifted, empowered, emotionally healed and more effective in achieving long and short term goals. Lots of smiles and laughter too. 

We explore the important stellar and planetary energies that directly affect all areas of your life.

We'll address specific questions, life issues or concerns you may have.

Astrology is practical as well as magical. I'll share basic tools for consulting your chart's logic for guidance as you move through challenging experiences. AstroCartography sessions  will include the basics of how to navigate your own map so you can continue to consult it for insights whenever you change location. 

Any Time, Any Place

Live, interactive sessions are available by phone to anywhere in the USA and via Skype to anywhere in the world.

 In person sessions are available in Brooklyn, New York.