NEW YORK, New York

I am grateful I found you and think our session was one of the most healing experiences I’ve ever had. I will be promoting you to my circle! Thank you so much for holding space and sharing your knowledge with us.



You are a wizard. Thank you Elizabeth. You are a blessing for the work you channel. I really appreciate your understanding and ability to communicate, which are so beautifully accompanied by your love.



I did it! I bit the bullet! I gave up my precious New York apartment (which I thought I owned but in the end it owned me) and I moved to ‘my latitude’ here as you explained. I want to tell you I have never been so happy as I’ve been here. Needless to say, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance.



Elizabeth immediately gave me clarity on what my natural talents are, what areas on the planet would support me in my desires and even gave me insight as to why I have been living in my current location for as long as I have. This information was exactly what I needed to fully embrace why I am here and know what will best serve my passions and prayers. Her ability to translate the mapping of the stars at birth to the mapping of our heart’s yearnings is astounding. She is truly gifted.



I was so glad to see your name in my inbox. I want to tell how great our session was and how everything we spoke about has helped me feel so healthy. All your insights and recommendations have elevated my spirit and significantly changed how healthy I feel. I am so grateful that I met you. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, it has changed my life.



Thank you for your guidance, as always. It is invaluable to me. Your support has made my global work and mobile lifestyle feel so much less stressful and infinitely more enjoyable.



On my first meeting with Elizabeth I felt a deep sense of gratitude because I knew immediately that she is one in a billion. As a martial artist, I've studied and competed with true masters for 27 years so my standards for teachers are very high. Elizabeth's work is incomparable, refreshing, and truly so different from the mundane ideas and beliefs that I've encountered within the spiritual community. What could’ve taken me many years to accomplish emotionally and mentally, took several hours with her guidance. If you are on a spiritual journey, do not hesitate to contact her. She is easily the brightest star in a sky of healers and I'm delighted for anyone who has the good fortune to discover her.  



Let me tell you, I don't know what happened during/after our session, but wooooooo, there is a lot of shifting going on. I will definitely be reaching out again to you! Thank you for your time and your healing.



I got more out of one session with you than I did from years of talk therapy and, more recently, life coaching sessions. I feel like I understand my whole childhood and family from a much higher place now and I can move into my future with a new clarity and peace of mind. My confidence in my vision for my life has really shifted. Thank you!



Super busy with my new life here in Miami. I love it! I’ve been singing your praises to all of my friends here so you may be seeing an uptick in Florida clients! Thanks so much for the reading! Life here is great! 



I’m still savoring your information. I’m in awe of your brain. I can’t imagine how you learned and memorized all that knowledge. Thank you, I know I’ll talk to you again.



Thank you so much for my astrocartography session this morning! It revealed a tremendous amount of valuable information about geographic places that will support my life and my work and those that will not. I'm so glad that my friend told me about you.



My astrology reading with Elizabeth was beyond my expectations. The reading was a gift from a close friend who had previously had a great experience with her. I was not “into” astrology other than reading the occasional horoscope to check when my next great love was coming. Elizabeth took time to walk through the nature of astrology with me without any pretense. Her warm presence paired with her professionalism (this lady knows her stuff!) helped me understand and embrace the art of interpreting my birth chart. The reading was eerily accurate. It is a great treat to see Elizabeth’s eyes light up as she shares her gift with you. She is patient, thorough and focused on delivering an uplifting experience to her clients. I left feeling educated, comforted and excited about what the future holds for me. I also left with a new found curiosity about all things astrology! Her passion and grace made me feel like I was sharing my experience with a wise friend offering her wealth of knowledge rather than a cheesy astrologer telling you what they think you want to hear. She is the Real. Deal. No pretense. No fluff. Just an enlightening swim through stellar and planetary influences.  



I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Your consistent belief and confidence in me reminded me of my agency and choice. I look forward to telling you what comes next.



You are an elevated and kind soul, someone I can learn a lot from and trust, which is rare.



I couldn't believe how aligned everything you were sharing was with everything I'm currently going through in my life! Meeting you truly is the answer to my prayers.



The experience of our meeting this morning was a really emotional moment for me. I was very nervous about doing a reading but I’m so glad I did it. Thanks for helping me seeing things clearly, with such bigger vision. As you can see from the picture I enclose, the Italian version of the book you recommended is already here with me. It will be my soul companion.



Your level of knowledge and your obviously experience-based wisdom is incredible. Everything you said kept resonating with me to my core. I couldn’t believe how in sync it was with what’s been happening around and within me. I was transfixed.



What was seemingly a stumble onto Elizabeth's website one day was actually divine timing and alignment.  My alchemical astrology session beautifully integrated deeply profound natal chart and astrocartography readings that provided reassuring affirmations to my own intuitive observations and helped recalibrate my inner compass that’s always guiding me. The 3-hours allowed for a depth of conversation which felt aligned with the depth of my own inquiries. I completed the session feeling empowered, confident and renewed.  There was no question left unanswered. I feel deeply grateful for what proved to be an invaluable and insightful journey into all aspects of my being.



My partner and I have both received multiple readings from Elizabeth and found them amazingly accurate and clarifying. Not only does she give great insight, she’s full of sage advice that I found life changing. Personally, I have found her to be a terrific guide and mentor and I feel so blessed to have her support and guidance. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for empowering and guided wisdom.



I was referred to Elizabeth from a friend.  I was a complete astrological newbie and had no idea what to expect.  Elizabeth has a beautiful calming presence, and I was immediately put to ease upon meeting her.  She took the time to thoroughly explain my natal chart in detail. Then we looked at my progressed chart which was so spot on with what I was currently experiencing.  I felt at such a cross roads with my career and family life, and with her intuition and vast knowledge of the heavenly realm I was able to make sense of how I was feeling and put things to rest that I needed to.  I now know what areas of my life I can easily ramp up with the star's momentum empowering me and I haven't looked back!  Everything seems to now be falling into place!  My experience was so amazing that I have since told ALL of my friends and family about Elizabeth, and they have all gotten their own readings with equally stellar results!  If you want to pave a clear direction as you move forward in your life, getting a reading with Elizabeth is simply a MUST!  I cannot recommend her enough!   



Elizabeth is a gift to all of us! My experience working with her was a special one. She created a safe space where I was able to talk freely with ease and through her guidance I was able to understand my personal astrocharts and maps as well as shed light on some very challenging events that had recently unfolded in my life quite unexpectedly. Her clarity and authority on so many aspects of what I was going through was so greatly appreciated. It brought further acceptance to my circumstance and hope for a more equipped approach to those topics in the future. Understanding that we are here to work with nature is integral to Elizabeth’s work and she left me feeling empowered and grounded. I highly recommend her readings and, she is also a delight to spend time with!



Thank you so much for meeting with me. It was an eye opening session to say the least. I’m delighted to say I feel like this is the beginning of a new chapter.



Thank you so much for all of the information you shared with me today! I was feeling curious to receive some of what my chart has to offer, and you really met my need for clarity and compassion during the session. I am excited to work with you again in the future!



First, I want to thank you, for me it was a pleasure listening to your recording. It seems to me that you know me deeply and for a long time. The astro map session really helped me to clarify things, inner feelings, and to connect the life events experienced here in Brazil and in travels around the world.




When I thought about going for astrology I didn't know if I should come to you or go to this woman my friend recommended. I'm really glad I came to you. I've felt so good since my reading. Thanks for the life direction. It certainly helped, and will continue to greatly help me through this life going forward.  



I began working with Elizabeth 2 years ago, when I was unable to see the path of options surrounding me. Working with her allowed me the chance to become more aware of my own inner resources, to come face to face with and take power over my own self defeating ideas and habits, to embrace opportunities I had overlooked, and to feel known in the presence of an unknowable future. My birth chart reading brought clarity to seeming chaos and helped me become aware of my birth-given gifts.  I then gained a deeper understanding of my present through a progression chart session. And I learned how I could manifest change in my life by accessing the astrological influences of different areas of the world through my AstroCartography reading, All were both profound and comforting but more significantly, it was through these astrological insights that I  was able to strengthen the courage it took to step forward into crafting my future. I took the leap, left the secure but stressful life I knew and relocated to a place that better suited my lifestyle needs. Then, amazingly, just as my progression chart and AstroCartography readings indicated, through a series of unexpected, random meetings, incredible opportunity opened up. After only a few months in my new location. I've gone from being a stressed out urban professional to being in a position to have my lifelong dream of running my own wellness center in the countryside materialize with full support. It's been a miraculous journey. 



It was such a pleasure seeing you today and working with you! From my heart, thank you truly. I appreciate the readings and all your wonderful insights. I've been feeling so much lighter and calmer since seeing you! My session and the other information you sent are invaluable resources and I appreciate them so much. I will definitely be in touch and keep you posted on things. (One month later)  Hi Elizabeth! I am doing really good. Since seeing you, things have definitely started to shift in a positive direction. The reading gave me a lot of clarity. . 



Working with Elizabeth through many challenges, including a very intense relationship, offered me profound new understanding of the people around me who also had their own journey. This insight strengthened my ability to forgive and my sense of freedom about my own destiny. All of this astrological knowledge was an essential component of having my life open up as much as it has.  My life continues to unfold as an adventure into a future armed with a deeper knowledge of myself. Elizabeth's insights continue to be a joyful exploration toward accepting myself and others and accessing my own power. It is a gift, a strengthening of spirit to see yourself reflected in the stars. Elizabeth is a uniquely loving teacher. I have found both the guidance and the safety required to question boldly, and to live knowing I can venture forth, having lost nothing from the past, towards an unfolding future that is guided by opportunity.  




 I had a great experience with you! I like to talk about good things that can help us all with people around me... So maybe you will have more friends of mine reaching out to do some astrocartography maps in the future! A lot of them seem very excited to do it too!  My coworker and my brother love these kinds of things like me, they are very focused in self knowledge... So for them I think it was easy to go for it!  And they both got so much from it like I did! Hope more of my friends call you soon! They will be happy they did it!



Respectful, intelligent, insightful integrity. These four words come to mind when I think of my session with Elizabeth. She exhibited a depth of knowledge of all aspects of astrology and was able to personalize it to my story. She took it to the next level of insight, overlaying her perceptions of my energy into the reading. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and have taken away my little golden nuggets that further my life’s purpose of love, joy, peace and giving. Thank you Elizabeth! I think of you often and so appreciate your words of encouragement, giving me an understanding of the unverse and its effect on every person. 



Thanks so much for the Astrocartography reading. In addition to being packed with information I can use now and for the rest of my life, it was SO MUCH FUN!


NEW YORK, New York

Thanks for being part of our 30th birthday. Your astrology readings made our day! We'll be back for more!