Are these sessions purely Astrocartography or do they cover other aspects of astrology too?

Our focus is on your Astrocartography map though we often check in with your other charts for confirmation, clarification or an additional perspective. We’ll use all available resources to answer your questions and meet your unique goals.

Where should I look for my birth certificate if I can’t access a family copy?

Contact the Vital Records office of the city/ town/ county where you were born. Hospitals purge their files after so many years but Vital Records bureaus (often connected with the Health Department in the US) retain them much longer, if not permanently.

Does astrology determine fate or limit my life options? What about free will?

Astrological influences represent potentials, not facts. Nothing is set in stone. The position of the stars and planets creates a kind of template for your life. What you do with those potential energies is up to you. An apple seed can't become an oak or a maple, but there are huge variations in what it can become. Will it be healthy and fertile or stunted and fruitless? Will it thrive by working efficiently with its own best resources or will it wear itself out prematurely by ignoring or being in conflict with its own natural expression? 

What’s the point of knowing my astrology if I can’t change when/where I was born?

Knowing that these energetic influences exist, and how they operate in unique ways in our individual lives, is the basis for pursuing all kinds of new possibilities. By making informed choices, we radically increase the chances of experiencing the most desirable outcome as we go about choosing experiences and designing our lives. 

Astrology says that my life is personally influenced by distant objects in space. How does that work?

Western science beginning with Einstein, has confirmed what countless seers and enlightened sages of the past and present have claimed: that although physical boundaries are very 'real', energetic boundaries are an illusion produced by limited sensory perception. Just as we are realizing that all lives on our planet are  interconnected in extraordinarily complex ecosystems, so astrologically literate cultures throughout the world have understood that the solar system and galaxy we live in also play an integral part in this superbly intelligent natural system we are ultimately inseparable from.

How do computer generated interpretations compare and contrast with a personal reading?

Similar to newspaper horoscopes, computer generated interpretations should be regarded with care. While they may be fun for window shopping, if you're seeking profound self knowledge and life guidance, they're too generic. They're designed to be read by a wide range of people and offer a general overview rather than a close look at an individual's unique experiences or nature. They look at individual components in a chart as separate pieces and can't take into account how the pieces fit together in specific ways to shape a complex human life. Nor do they have intuition, one of the 2 key components of all chart or map interpretation.

I went to another astrologer and had a not great experience. I'm not sure what to look for this time.

Beware if you see sugar coated, overly positive interpretations or the opposite, frighteningly negative or intimidating predictions. Look for equanimity and moderation, both signs of a stable mind and trustworthy soul. An astrological interpretation that is founded in a profound knowledge of the subject and a proven gift for intuitive accuracy does not have to resort to tricks or extremes to keep people engaged. The stars do that very well on their own when they are accurately represented.