Are these sessions purely Astrocartography or do they cover other aspects of astrology too?

My reading style is very fluid. I open numerous tabs so we can access insights from several of your charts simultaneously. Sometimes we flow back and forth between them to get the clearest picture we can of whatever it is you are looking for solutions for or inspiration with. And sometimes, depending on your needs, our focus is more on the Astrocartography map and we occasionally check in with the rest for confirmation, clarification or an additional perspective.  I've been doing this a long while;  people who've studied their own charts often learn a lot about them that they've never heard or read before and become as fascinated with them as they are the novelty (for them) of locational astrology. Lots of ah ha moments. Whatever is needed seems to be, inevitably, revealed.

Does astrology determine fate or limit my life options? What about free will?

Astrological influences represent potentials, not facts. Nothing is set in stone. The position of the stars and planets at the moment, and from the locational perspective, of your birth creates a kind of template for your life. What you do with those potential energies is up to you. An apple seed can't become an oak or a maple, but there are huge variations in what it can become. Will it be healthy and fertile or stunted and fruitless? Will it thrive by working efficiently with its own best resources or will it wear itself out prematurely by ignoring or being in conflict with its own natural expression? 

Knowing that these energetic influences exist, and how they operate in unique ways in our individual lives, is the basis for pursuing all kinds of new possibilities. By making informed choices, we radically increase the chances of experiencing the most desirable outcome as we go about choosing experiences and designing our lives. 

Astrology says that my life is personally influenced by distant objects in space. How does that work?

Though it may not appear obvious to the five senses, quantum physics has now proven what ancient wisdom has long held true: that we live in an interdependent, inextricably interwoven web of life in which indivisible Oneness, as described by mystics around the world since time immemorial, is now an undeniable fact. Western science beginning with Einstein, has confirmed what countless seers and enlightened sages of the past and present have claimed: that although physical boundaries are very 'real', energetic boundaries are an illusion produced by limited sensory perception. Just as we are realizing that all lives on our planet are  interconnected in extraordinarily complex ecosystems, so astrologically literate cultures throughout the world have understood that the solar system and galaxy we live in also play an integral part in this superbly intelligent natural system we are ultimately inseparable from.

One rational explanation might be that the planets and constellations program our endocrine glands which coincide with the human body's energy centers, with specific energetic qualities when we take our first breath. Thus the personality, with all of the experiences it magnetizes and gives rise to, is born.

How do computer generated astrology chart or astrocartography map interpretations compare and contrast with a personal reading?

Similar to newspaper horoscopes, computer generated interpretations should be regarded with care. While they may be fun for window shopping, if you're seeking profound self knowledge and life guidance, they're too generic. Because they're designed to be read by a wide range of people, they offer a general overview rather than a close look at an individual's unique experiences or nature. They do that by looking at individual components in a chart as separate pieces. Generic readings can't take into account how the pieces fit together to create harmony or challenge; they can't  view someone's life holistically by considering how the large number of factors that make up a chart to shape a complex human being, work as one.

Most readings that don't involve any contact with a human being also err on the side of being lighthearted. They do this in order to remain attractive to those who look to astrology purely as a form of entertainment, common enough in a culture where most have no direct experience of the uncanny accuracy of the charts or the clarity of mind, heart, spirit and life direction that a skilled astrological reading provides.

In the case of AstroCartography, generic interpretation can fail to inform seekers of the full range of astrological influences that get activated in a location. That's something a conscientious astrocartographer will look for in the astro map progression as well as the relocated natal chart. It's important to study the whole picture, something which computer interpretations aren't designed to do.

I went to an astrologer once and had a not great experience. I'm not sure what to look for this time.

Look for balance. Many astrologers, both mechanical and human, use either sugar coated, overly positive interpretations or the opposite, frighteningly negative or intimidating predictions to keep clients engaged psychically and/or financially. When seeking  a trustworthy astrologer as in all things, look for equanimity and moderation, both signs of a stable mind and trustworthy soul.

An astrological interpretation that is founded in a profound knowledge of the subject and a proven gift for intuitive accuracy does not have to resort to tricks or extremes to keep people engaged. The stars do that very well on their own when they are accurately represented.

How does Qigong inform Elizabeth’s astrology and astrocartography practice?

Both astrology and Qigong, which means 'energy cultivation', are agents of personal alchemy. Historically, they've been studied together as part of the same system of universal knowledge. Practicing Qigong daily for most of my life has made me sensitive to the energies of the natural world, from the physical body to the celestial bodies, in a very visceral way through direct experience of Qi or Chi which means 'vital life force energy' and the corresponding opening of mind that takes place.

Astrology is not just a metaphysical science requiring intimate knowledge of astrological data, it's also an interpretive art. It utilizes both sides of the brain. Qigong strengthens the energy centers and the entire nervous system. It refines the intuition and encourages the birth of wisdom, compassion and discernment, all of which are extremely important when doing AstroCartography or any kind of astrology. Clients come with open minds and hearts. Being sensitive to the state of their Qi enables me to present the information in a way that will be most healing and empowering to the unique, sensitive individual I'm working with. When appropriate, I also share Qigong principles and techniques that help counter blockages that can arise when located under, or influenced by, disharmonious aspects like squares, oppositions and inconjuncts in the chart.